TOPAZ GULF COMPANY Ltd. is committed to the protection of its resources, including employees and properties against human suffering and financial loss resulting from accidents to achieve ZERO Injuries, Illness and Environmental Harm.


          In fulfilling this commitment, which worth equally with other business objective, we will provide and maintain a safe and healthful working condition, maintain a vigorous accident prevention program and ensure that our activities pose no threat to the Environment, Safety and Health of those who may be affected directly or indirectly. We shall fully comply with all applicable laws, requirements and while loss prevention and environmental protection is a direct responsibility of line management, it is the duty of all employees to work safely in line with these policies standards as followed.

       Identification and evaluation of all HSE hazards or aspects

       Management of the risks or impacts to acceptable levels.

       Compliance with all applicable HSE legislation.

       Prevention of the conditions and behaviors that contribute to incidents or injuries.

       Reduction of waste and conservation of resources.

       Evaluate and communicate SHE performance throughout the company for improvement.



President & CEO,



Topaz Gulf Company Ltd.