TGC use 3-D programs to create terrain models for earthwork projects. Areas and volumes are calculated with most advanced survey equipment.


TGC owns and operates specialized equipment certified and calibrated by third-party that are adapted for the demolition and removal of below grade structures including foundations, grade beams, pile caps and piling of all types.


We also specialize in excavation projects which involve difficult access, variable soil conditions, and hard to excavate materials. Some of the work that we are engaged in the past are as below.


Used even when not involved in the re-building project. 

Excavation - Major Grading or Re-sloping
Alter the terrain to improve drainage or aesthetics. 

Landscape - Minor Grading or Re-sloping
Alter the terrain to improve drainage or aesthetics.

Rock breaking and removal and leveling we
are having a well experienced workforce with specialized equipment and use chemicals to remove them with less impact to the surroundings. 

Waste, Junk, Building Materials and Debris - Remove and Haul
Get rid of appliances, building materials, trash, junk, landscape debris, etc. 

Building Site - Preparation and Clearing
Includes tree, brush removal & rough grading. 

Dumpster Rental Service - Delivery & Pickup
Dumpster rentals are used during major clean-ups & remodeling. 

Land Surveyor
Establish exact size & location of boundaries. 

Landscape - Soil, Sand, and Rock Delivery
bring a truckload of soil, sand, rock to the property. 

Landscape Curbing - Install
Permanent concrete edging for landscapes