We understand that value is a core driver in achieving our Vision and mission and us at Topaz Gulf Company consider these as quintessential values in guiding us in our business transaction.

A)    Safety of its employees, stakeholders, and resources are of priority while drawing out all or any business plan/transaction.


B) Employee engagement and welfare takes the highest priority throughout our life cycle of existence and drives towards excellence.


C)  100% compliance with all government and statutory requirement, besides all human ethical values.


D)   Focus on the customer and its requirement in order to achieve customer delight.


E)   As our vision is the betterment of human life we see innovation as the pivoting value to achieve that and we will see to it that each and every business transaction is analyzed to incorporate any innovation if possible.


F)  Our company will be driven towards excellence which will utilize a process of ongoing improvement (POOGI) as the ladder, supported by Root cause analysis of failures and successes.


G)  All our values will support our prime endeavor of improving human life along with stakeholder and shareholders value.