I congratulate you on Joining Topaz Gulf Company Ltd. From here on this company is your company and we at TGC believe that human being is the invaluable & irreplaceable asset of our company. As stated in our vision statement our endeavor is to make human life better, I wish you a better life, let’s make life of stake holders better.

Everyone has different reasons, dreams or endeavor to work with us, I would request you to align your endeavor with the vision of our company and make this company better, bigger and stronger as you do become along with your company. We believe human imagination has no limit; even sky is not the limit, so be creative, innovative and imagine yourself growing in leaps and bound along with your company.

Our company believes in “integrity and honesty” as core value. Do not participate in any business activity that makes you compromise on these core values. Your company strongly believes in “compliance to all government and social requirements.” We must ensure that, in each business activity right from estimation, to planning and up to business transaction closure compliance is budgeted for.

Our company believes that our core values are there to take up new challenges as challenges brings growth. Hence I request you to take up challenges, do risk analysis and mitigation exercise in all activities of business. Never be afraid to learn and grow, take your life and company on a continuous improvement journey. As you grow the company to compete globally your productivity must be better than the world benchmark in order to propel company on growth path. Strive to excel but pay attention to your health and safety, use prevention rather than cure.

Our company has interest in diversified businesses, such as maintenance, civil construction and manufacturing which belongs to old economy. Your company desires to invest in digital businesses and any start up idea at appropriate time. Be open to suggest and receive new ideas and generate value for entire human ecology. Please join hands with us to create a world class company and enjoy prosperous life with all of us. Let’s create a company of great size and exceptional values with its employees at its core.

 Yours Sincerely
               Mansour Hermis Al Jaara
                PRESIDENT & CEO