TOPAZ GULF COMPANY’s organization is fashioned in such way that it allows us to execute the project in the best possible manner without delay so that all our clients will be able to meet their critical project mobilization and completion schedules. Our President exercises direct control and authority through the Executive Vice President of all the Operations, Corporate Safety, QMS, Administration, H.R., Finance,
and Business Development aspects of  the Company. Individual department mangers/heads are responsible for their areas of operations. Each department has been fully staffed with qualified and experienced staff. An organization chart has been included at theend of this section for more details.

President & CEO

Our President & CEO has over 30 years of experience in the OIL & Gas Sector, especially in the Petrochemical and other Process Plants. He has worked in all aspects of Petrochemical Industry
such Construction, Maintenance, Operations and Managing Business in the private sector.

Executive Vice President

Our Executive Vice President is a graduate of Finance from Colorado State UniversityColorado, U.S.A. and has direct charge of Finance, Accounting, Administration, HumanResources and Business Development. He has over 8 years of experience in business He has an in depth knowledge of the subject and an astute expert of finance and accounting and is an able Administrator.

Bravo: +966-51-517-2950

Vice President – Operations

Our Vice President Operations has 25 years of experience in the O&M Gas Sector, particularly in the field of Construction, O&M and Business Development. He has been steering the company for the last 10 years and has indepth knowledge and experience of all aspects of the Industry. He has complete charge of all Operations of the company including Construction, Maintenance and Operations.

Bravo: +966-51-508-4842

Manager, Engineering & Construction

Our Manager of Engineering & Construction is a graduate in Civil Engineering and hasbeen in Oil & Gas Sector for over 22 years and in particular in Petrochemical and other process plant construction and Maintenance for over 7 years.He has been responsible to lead our projects for the last 4 years under the guidance of Vice President Operations.

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