Health, Safety , Security and Environmental concerns and the latest technologies have transformed the commercial cleaning to a whole new form.


At present, there’s a lot more to housekeeping and janitorial services than just a mop hitting the level along with a moving object from one position to another to maintain your building clean, compliant, and sustainable.


Combining the most high end and automated technology with more than a decade of innovative experience with TGC, we address all of your cleaning requirements.  Our full range of services is based on your individual needs at one site or multiple project locations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Why TGC?

Effective safety management system in place by advanced safety trained personnel across the spectrum.


Powerful technology enablement tools to minimize the environmental impact.


Deeply experienced resources, self-performed services


Innovative and sustainable full range of service packages


Capability to mobilize/provide nationwide services within a short notice perio


Stringent hiring and selection process.