Maintenance, Installation and Assembly of Internal in Process Towers, Drums and Reactors.

We have manpower expertise and logistics, for the successful development of any need that is presented

Our general scope ranges from:

  • Flange Blinding.
  • Installation, Revamp and Repair of process towers, Pressure Vessels.
  • Commissioning.
  • Installation, Revamp and Repair of internals for Reactors.
  • Welding Projects.
  • Weld overlay.
  • Shell Resection.
  • Nozzle Repair and Replacement.
  • Support Ring and Repair
  • Skirt and Base Repair or Replacement.
  • Strip Lining Installation or Repair.
  • General Cleaning.

Maintenance of Furnaces and Boilers.

  • Our general scope ranges from:
  • Planning / Programing.
  • Welding Works.
  • Tube (Pipe) Replacement or Repair.
  • Anchors Replacement or Repair.
  • Refractory Replacement or Repair.
  • Refractory Drying.
  • Burner Replacement or Repair.

Maintenance of Heat Exchanger and Fin Fan Coolers.

Our general scope ranges from:

Planning / Scheduling.

General Cleaning (Semi-robotic quick cleaning with multiple lance for cleaning pipes).

Shell Cleaning.

Welding Repair.

Flange Blinding.

Flange Resurfacing

Studs Tension.

Tubular Extractions.

Repair tube bundles and Manufacturing.

Fin-Fan Plug replacement.

Extraction Service, air packages at any height.


Boilers Cladding removal & Re-installation

Fire Proofing Services (Using Rock Wool/ Hilti/ STI/ Pyro Coatings)

Pipes & Spool Refabricating & Replacements 

Industrial Nut/Bolts Torqueing & Tension Services

Hydraulic Bolt Torqueing

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning

Flange Spreading

Hydraulic Nut Splitting

Blasting Services

Grit Blasting 

Sand Blasting 

Surface Blasting